Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ABC Flip Book

From poster to flip book:

I cut up the poster section by section

Then letter by letter

Cut the corresponding overlay that would serve as the book's cover

Hole punching

I printed a picture of the original poster and put it on the cover. I bound the flip book with a binder ring, tied a ribbon around it, and project is done = )

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mini Scrap Book Journal

I have been a little obsessed lately about mini-scrapbooks. Last night's task was to create a hybrid..a mini-scrapbook-journal. I really like projects I can complete in one sitting, (the creation of this one took about an hour.) 

My idea was to enable myself to create one super easy page a day. This is an ultra condensed version of Project Life. What I came up with was a 3x5'' inch book, pre-layed out, and all I have to do is:

1) take a photo and print it on my Polaroid Mobile Printer, 2) do a quick write up of the memory I want to remember, 3) add a couple doo-dads and other embellishments and I'm done =)

Each book has 30+ pages that allows for one month's worth of documenting, made simple :)


Last week I made the following mini-scrapbooks just for kicks and ended up giving them to Gigi, Alina, & Lily (my 3 year old daughter, 4 year old niece, and 2 year old niece.) You can find pics from a previous post here Mini Scrap Books Prototypes

The ones I worked on last night I tweaked and made better. I got some overlay paper from Our Paper Place and picked up a 6 x 6" paper pad with coordinating patterns by Lawn Fawn which together, I thought worked very well.

First I cut the yellow partially see-through overlay (the book cover), then cut the paper (the pages of the book).

I didn't want to waste paper so the leftovers I decided to intersperse throughout the book to give it a whimsical feel. I found it useful to binder-clip ''pages'' of the book in stacks so that hole-punching them would be easier.

Next, I used a single hole puncher and hole punched the overlay and paper.

I found it helpful to use this chopstick to keep the book temporarily bound while I punched away.

First, I used ribbon to bind the book but I felt this look was a bit much. Kid-like and too much going on so I opted for some sewing string below.

I measured the string and weaved through the holes a couple of times, tied the front, then tied the back, then cut the string.

Here's the near-finished product..I wanted my journaling and designing to be easy so I used the following post-its below and inserted them throughout the book. That way there is enough visual interest, a space for me to write, and space left over for a picture.

The first entry and layout of my mini-scrapbook-journal is below:

When I'm done, I secure a binder clip to keep the pages protected and voila! Mini-scrapbooking-journaling done quickly & efficiently ;D.

Mini Scrap Book Prototypes