Friday, February 20, 2015

Oakland Museum of California

On Wednesday, we put our current obligations on hold to spend the day with friends at the museum.

I was thinking about how our friends were doing and sycnhronistically received a group text from Kiscelle about hanging out with the gang for an outing at the Oakland Museum of California.

My scheduled meetings were changed, we checked to make sure the hubby was okay with the kids missing school, packed our food/snacks/drinks, and got ready for a day of fun!

We left at 10:30 and got to the museum at about 11 am. The museum has its own enclosed parking structure and parking was easy. We stayed for about four hours and with museum validation, the parking fee was $5. Children 8 and under are free and adults $15.

There are three parts of the museum, natural, history, and art (I think). We spent most of our time in the natural portion of the museum but visited all three. 

Gigi and Rowan.

Gavin enjoying looking at bees up close.

Gavin and Alana listening to an audio/visual exhibit.

Alan and Myra hanging out.

Gigi so excited to see Kayla and Kelsey!

We had lunch in the open, grassy area of the museum.

Mommys hung out while the kids played after lunch. 

Hello Clark!

We had a kick watching Gigi and Rowan do this basic cheer lift with the smaller kids. 

Here's a video of Gigi, Rowan, and Kelsey.

Mateo, Clark, & Gavin.

There was this psychedelic, art-inspired video exhibit that was strange and captivating. 

We also read about how Frida Kahlo  found art as her positive companion from the many physical and emotional challenges she faced.

An outing wouldn't be complete without a group photo!

Top row, from L to R: Kiscelle, Clark, Rowan, Gigi, Kayla, Kelsey, Myra, Gavin, Alana, Millie.

Bottom row, from L to R: Linda, Adria, Mateo, Petra.

A passion for adventure, fun with our kids and, friendship is what continues to draw us together. 

Thank you mamas & kids for another wonderful excursion!