Friday, June 13, 2014

100 happy days

Instead of inundating my social apps I will keep track of this project on my blog. Here's a bit about this:

Day 1 

We had to push back our return visit to the Aulani toward the end of the year. It is  good to know the timeframe we chose coincides with Gigi's scheduled vacation! Woohoo! 

Day 2

Morning cardio :)

Day 3

Gigi helping Gavin with some preschool workbooks (on her own!) :-)

Day 4

Riding around with a wide load today :)

Day 5

We met some nice teenagers at the pool who shared this fun pool game with us. Kids had a blast! 

Day 6

Gavin "writing" in his notebook. 

Day 7 

Bella "going" while Gavin passes by on his bike.

Day 8

Chillin' at home with my lovies!

Day 9

I consider myself a perpetual student and Super Soul Sunday is one my favorite learning forums :)

Day 10

Won big at Chuck e Cheese, lol. 125 tickets worth :-)

Day 11

Grilled pork + egg roll over cold vermicelli noodles pulled together by a sweet/savory sauce :)

Day 12

Celebrating my dad's birthday !

Day 13

Day 14 

A day at the Oakland Zoo with our friends  :)