Monday, November 18, 2013

Everyday lessons

Gigi came home from kindergarten in a "mood" today. She was especially annoyed at Gavin for banging his toy and making loud noises.

After she had lunch, I set her up with an activity in her room (alone).

As I was helping Gavin with something, he mentions that he wants to apologize to Gigi.

The conversation went like this:

Gavin: "I sorry for making loud noises earlier, Gigi."

Gigi: "Its okay, I feel much better now. Do you want to join me?"

What I like about this interaction is that it shows me that my kids are learning (1) how to be kind to one another (2) how to express their feelings in an appropriate manner (3) how to apologize when their behavior has negatively affected someone. 

Seeing this type of interplay between them is what makes all the hard work of parenting so worth it!!

Have a charmed & blessed week friends!