Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our little author & illustrator

Gigi's winter break project was to write and illustrate a work of fiction. I wonder where she got this idea from, lol :-)

My Wholehearted Journey

I've always had a strong affinity for art and writing.

This week I started Brene Brown's eCourse on "Wholehearted Living" and I am amazed at how I feel after a few minutes of painting, coloring, and writing. 

I've read that art can be therapeutic and you know what? IT IS! As we age, adults tend to be less creative. Apparently, this decline in the utilization of our creativity is NOT BENIGN according to Brene Brown's research.

Personally, I think we tap into that inner child within us when we engage in art. Some might even say we tap into our unconscious or even our soul. I have to concur with all.

Art therapy is personal and profoundly therapeutic. It's a different kind of cleansing. Like right now I am wearing this silly grin for no apparent reason :-) And you know why? Art is play and playing taps into our inner, joyous, and child-like self.

One of the assignments in this eCourse was to draft a "Permission Slip" to allow oneself to really dig into the work at hand. 

It is clear to see that that "work" is to learn how to play :-)

Happy Thursday!