Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Wedding Video

"Romance in the city with Gerald and Millie"

We kicked off our four year anniversary by watching the raw footage from our wedding video. Gavin was sleeping but Gigi joined us in watching all three mini dvd tapes given to us by our videographer, Justin Fone. It was the first time we viewed the tapes in four years! Gigi said, "Wowww, dat my mommy!?" Yes, baby, I wasn't so haggard-looking back then :D

On a serious note, being married is tough work. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, I will add that it also takes a village to support a marriage. Gerald and I have had our share of blissfully happy moments, sad moments, and F you moments! During times of emotional-torrential-downpour, we were always able to lean on one of our family/friends. With their help we would eventually find our way back to each other = ) (You guys know who you are! We love you and wouldn't be here without you :) A heartfelt THANK YOU from both of us)

Gerald spent hours turning our wedding video in a techie, shareable format for our family/friends viewing pleasure! (THANK YOU BABE! I cannot thank you enough for your labor of love and for doing this for us!) =) :) = ) :) ; )

Without further ado, below is a link to our full length  wedding video commemorating our 4th year wedding anniversary! (it is long, 49 minutes to be exact) Enjoy it! Fast-forward it! But watch it before 12/10/10.

(I could not quickly find a free site that would host our long wedding video so I signed up for a trial version of one of the paid video hosting websites. FYI, The link expires on Friday, 12/10/10.)

Till next time, too-da-loo! And have a charmed & blessed week everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Picture Ornament (kid friendly activity)

Happy early Thanksgiving all!

Here is a video on an easy (non-messy) kid friendly craft idea for holiday ornaments.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artful Saturday

Our little six month old is under the weather with a cold so Gerald and I have decided it would be in Gavin's best health interest that we not expose him to crowds, people etc. With that said Gavin and I are going to be home all day and although I feel a little left out with today's festivities (a dear friend's son's birthday party and Pac-man fight night,) I've decided to make the best out of this Saturday at home..Hence today's theme: "Artful Saturday." This entry will be more about "doing" rather than "writing." Here are a couple small, easy, artsy thingies I'll be working on in between caring for Gavin and doing chores:

Celebratory Place-cards for Gavin's Baptismal Celebration (due to many upcoming "big" family events we've decided to scale down this celebration with an intimate family dinner)

Small chocolate favors to make the table setting more festive

Creating photo ornaments capturing the year's top 10 Family Occasions/Celebrations
Creating our very first DePerio Family Bulletin highlighting our favorite memories from Fall 2010

Have a charmed & blessed weekend all!!


I found a beautiful Baptismal Prayer below and printed it on the back of the Celebratory Place-cards. Out of this I became inspired to print the prayer and customize it with Gavin's name so that we can recite it as we say grace before dinner.

Below are the final pieces. I now feel complete and can finally go to bed. Goodnight!

The beautiful Baptismal Prayer
Personalized the Baptismal Prayer for my boy = )
The finished pieces =D

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weight Watchers Meetings

Background:  I discovered Weight Watchers when Gigi was six months and found (for the first time) that I was, easily and with little stress, losing weight! No low carbing, or any other "fad" type of diet...but eating what I wanted. I got to my goal weight and guess what happened? Yup, got pregnant with Gavin. A couple months ago, I rejoined WW and thought, I can do this by myself, I dont need to go the meetings. I knew what they were all about. Fast-forward to the end of October: I learned that it was actually the meetings that kept me on track and most of all, MOTIVATED.

Last week I went to my first meeting and today was my second. I've been looking forward to this meeting all week because I knew I was going to get a reward: a star-sticker (for 5 pounds I lost!) to affix on my WW bookmark! Funny how this seemingly "little thing" kept me excited and motivated. And...just for coming, attendants get "bravo" stickers to put in our Pocket Guides. Of course, I love that too! : )

Another thing I've learned is that when it comes to changing one's behavior, being immediately rewarded (in small, tangible ways) really does work wonders. For me, getting the support at the meetings, strategizing about upcoming events, and earning small rewards gets me excited about the program and makes me feel that my goal is all the more attainable. A big Hooray to that! =D


Here is a shortened version of a poem and quote shared at today's meeting:

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump
May your pie take the prize
and may your Thanksgiving Dinner
stay off your thighs!

2)"It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent" -Ezra Taft Benson

Lastly, here is an EXCELLENT but VERY LONG article on the SCIENCE behind why change can be so difficult:

Link to Article

Have a charmed & blessed week all!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Personal Mission Statement

This blog came out of an informal write up I did (for myself). I have this printed and posted on my fridge to remind me what kind of life I want to live, who I want in it, how I want to spend it, and ultimately, what makes me tick..happily : ) It was written a few months before my son was born and the "Treasuring" part of included things I wanted to happen but had not yet happened at the time. As of today, 80% of what I wrote has materialized and am working on the remaining 20% ;D




I want to THRIVE in ALL MY ROLES. I want to get the most important things done because I am organized; I prioritize and work through what I need to do and what is important at any given moment…I effortlessly switch between my roles because I HAVE a SYSTEM…an INTERNAL INFRASTRUCTURE that enables me to live and work EASILY, PRODUCTIVELY, and feel PASSIONATE AND CREATIVE.

As a result, I feel absolutely content, energized, completely blessed, and at peace.


My home is clean and organized. The garage is clean, spacious, and free of clutter. All of my closets, drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and storage units have meaningful items in them. We have an organized system of paying bills and filing paperwork…everything has its place!

I am on top of my work demands. I am fully ready for my QA review. I have an organized filing system for ALL OF my work needs. I have trained staff to keep paperwork up to date. I have a working system of the tasks I need to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Everything has its place!

My family feels complete with the birth of my healthy and happy baby boy. I had no idea the love that I have for him would be so transformative and deep. He has changed me in that I am all the more closer to who I am at my deepest core. I am learning how to be the best me.

My health and energy is high! I am happy with the nutrition I put in my body. The balanced & healthy food I prepare for my family and I along with being active on a daily basis keeps me feeling sharp. The pregnancy weight is melting…fast! I look and feel great! The birth control pills are working without a hitch as well.

I have rekindled my passion for reading, writing, scrapbooking, and jogging.

-I’ve started a blog. This blog allows me to think and be creative while sharing ideas with others.

-I have both a digital scrapbook and a hard cover one.

-Gerald and I go on jogs together and we are training for our first marathon! He and I maintain frequent dates and our alone time has brought us closer than ever!

I feel connected to the people important to me because I make an effort to reach out and nurture these vital relationships.

I also feel deeply spiritual…connected to God…and hear him throughout the day, each day of my life.

I am thriving…I am blessed. Positively charmed and full of life!