Monday, September 12, 2011

Farewell beloved brother

There are some people we are connected to by blood, some by law, and some purely by love. Our kinship to Jojo was purely out of love and his passing has been an emotional earthquake for all us who cared for him. As we pick up the pieces and remember him, I would like to share my fond memories of my adopted little bro.

Larger than Life

Jojo came into our lives via my brother Erle and siter in law Jessica. My first impression of him was "Wow, this guy sure is loud." Then slowly, but surely we all welcomed him into our family and into our hearts. He was a one man party and his antics to make you laugh and feel good were endless. He had this signature dance move that would crack us up to no end.

One of his signature dance moves: get behind a dude (this time it was  my youngest brother Lyle), bend over slightly, look over your shoulder with a silly grin, jiggle a little and  voila! you've got "The Jojo" ;D

This fella had a fire in him that was constantly lit...He was seriously the most popular guy I knew. He was friends with so many different circles it was kind of dizzying. He loved all of us dearly and by yesterday's attendance and out-pour of emotion at his viewing, for a mere 30 year old- Jojo, you've got enough love to last you three full lifetimes!

Family man

Although Jojo had never fathered a child (not that we know of at least ;D ) he was a loving and doting Godfather to many! At his viewing yesterday his family prepared a beautiful picture slideshow of him and the amount of godchildren was again a little..dizzying. Heckaaaaa godkids this 30 year old had, lol! Another common thread among those that shared their memories about Jojo was his elaborate and extravagant ways he showed his affection to his family and friends. From giving his time, energy, and money...he spent all resources as if he had an endless supply.

Speaking of family, he always rolled with Erle & Jess at Dizon and Salinas get togethers, PacMan fights, birthdays and more. They were what I would describe a tri-pod, well balanced...just right. Always together these three were. Some would describe Jojo's presence as "side-bustin" but that was farthest from the truth. I would observe their interaction and their dynamic was effortless, pleasant, humorous, and real as it gets.

He got game

I had the pleasure of seeing him weekly during the Hooliganz softball practice (sometimes more that when there were family events on the weekends). This fella gave things his all in everything he could see him hustle on the field and cheering him on put a great big smile on his face. Gigi would say, "Go uncle Jojo!" 

Jojo was so adorable the day Gerald (my husband) got their team jerseys. He was so excited to wear it and since he was heavily involved with the selection of the color and style, Jojo was the first to pick up his jersey. He came over that day after work, super stoked. He put on his jersey and said "Sis, how do I look?" .."Good as always!" I said. It was the sweetest thing to see his sister Jessica was wearing his jersey yesterday...;D

Lyle, Biggie, & Jojo

This is the only team pic I have of Jojo and the boys. Go hooooliiiieeez!!

Farewell, brother

Dear Jojo, if you are checking your facebook in heaven please know that I love you dearly--WE ALL DO. You called me sis so I think you knew that. I didn't even get to see you on your birthday..your 30th. We didn't have babysitting and figured we'd see you on Tuesday for softball...but sadly did not. But...God's plans are indecipherable to us..What I know for sure is that you were a professional lover of life and knew damn well how to live! I miss your loud-ass immensely. Your death has broken us who love you. I am comforted only by the fact that your passing as tragic and sudden as it was...was God's will. I will hold on to my cherished memories of you. We will never forget you and you will always be loved. Farewell, sweet Jojo, farewell...

Until we meet again bruh..

Fam pic aboard Lyle's party bus


  1. He is so special and I felt that reading this. So beautiful Mil.

    He was such a happy go lucky kind of a guy. He did more than anyone I know could accomplish in 30 yrs. So many lives he touched. It was definitely in God's will to take him and turn him into our guardian angel.

    I think we will soon realize how much more fortunate we are to have him as our guiding light than the Jojo we were so lucky to have here on earth.

    He will always have a place in our hearts. We will always remember his sense of humor and countless acts of kindness. The love we have for you is endless, Jo!


    your best friend Jenny (who yes still loves you!)

  2. @ Jenny: he lahbs you por-eber & eber coz you da best!