Monday, December 2, 2013


Gavin has bullying tendencies that need to be tamed. He is a sweet boy but has difficulty processing frustration and anger at this time. He is terrible three-ing and has inherited the bullying gene.

Today while playing at a McDonald's a concerned dad of a sad looking boy (almost twice Gavin's length and width) informed me politely that my son punched his son in the face. I apologized profusely and was absolutely flabbergasted.

I called for Gavin and asked that he apologize to the boy. I told Gavin that he was lucky that this boy had good self control because he could have easily beaten him up. Major props to that big boy's dad who taught his good natured son not to beat up on smaller boys. Gavin, with his head down, said he was sorry (sincerely). The boy accepted his apology, we parted ways, and they even wished us a Merry Christmas. (Talk about good natured & friendly!)

I had a serious talk with Gavin and put him in an embarrassing time out. Of course he cried. A lot.

My boy genuinely felt bad about what he did and I'm glad he had the courage to apologize. I told him that when he gets angry or frustrated he needs to take a deep breath and walk away. 

In my experience bullies need to be effectively handled (especially if you have a couple in your home like I do.) Don't ever let them get away with seemingly "small abuses" because I guarantee it will grow and blow up in your face unless you swiftly nip in the bud.

All in all this mommy thing is tough but I am glad to be the one raising my crazy, loving, & smart children. 

We must remember to stand strong and dole out that tough love to ensure we do not add a bully to the general population. 

Have a charmed & blessed week friends!!