Thursday, November 20, 2014

Family travel tips: in-room meal prepping

I am writing this post because I promised my friend Karina that I would share my family meal-prepping tips before she leaves for vacation with her family.

When you travel with your family food costs can multiply very quickly so I've devised ways to save money and still eat well.

The only appliances you really need in your hotel room is a refrigerator and a microwave. During our most recent trip to the Aulani, we opted for a studio suite versus a one-bedroom (with a full kitchen) to lengthen our vacation. Since the studio sleeps the four of us comfortably, it was definitely worth it!

As a rule of thumb, while on vacation I like to have one nice meal at a restaurant as a treat. Dinner is usually the meal we prefer to splurge on. Sometimes it's lunch or brunch. For the rest of our non-restaurant meals, I like to prepare them in our hotel room.

love traveling to Hawaii because it is far enough so we feel like we're getting away but comfortable in that there are nearby grocery stores and Costco's/Sam's Club.

Our DVC (Disney Vacation Club) studio at the Aulani came with a sink, sponge, dishwashing soap, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, carafe for the coffee, serving platters, utensils, glasses, wine glasses, cups, and plates. 

In this post I will show you how to make a hot breakfast and lunch (or dinner) in your room with a refrigerator and a microwave.

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, and toast. (Kimchi is optional. Gerald and I like it on our eggs because it adds flavor.)


First you'll need to pack microwaveable Tupperware and coconut oil in a small plastic container. Both travel well and coconut oil is solid at room temperature so it doesn't scan as a liquid during your TSA check at the airport. The coconut oil is used to line the Tupperware so if you are cooking eggs or other items, it doesn't ruin the container. Plus it is healthy and all natural. I also like to pack scissors.

Now take your Tupperware, line
it with paper towel and cut your store bought bacon in half. Place another paper towel on top of the bacon. Microwave on high for about one minute per slice. I would recommend checking the status of your bacon every 1- 1.5 minutes to ensure it doesn't burn. We like our bacon crispy so I cook it until it is just right.


Take 2-3 eggs and scramble them up in another container. Then pour the mixture in your bacon-greased-up Tupperware. Cook at 50% power for about 1 minute each egg. I like to whisk the egg mixture up every minute or so to ensure the liquid cooks off but the egg still stays fluffy.

Toast your bread, add some kimchi and breakfast is served!

Lunch or Dinner: Asian chopped salad, roasted chicken, garlic brown rice and quinoa, and kimchi. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids.

Costco is a traveler's best friend. We hit up the Costco in Kapolei and bought rotisserie chicken, kimchi, Asian chopped salad, bread, lunchables, snacks, peanut butter, apples, bananas, juice boxes, wine, bottled water, and garlic brown rice with quinoa.

We bought the eggs, bacon, jelly, and musubis at a local ABC store (small grocery shop.)

The chicken just needs to be cut up and heated up. So does the microwaveable brown rice and quinoa which is surprisingly flavorful and moist! Then toss the salad and your hot meal is done:-) Kimchi is an easy way to add flavor, texture, and veggies to almost any meal.

Sandwiches are super easy. Lather the bread with peanut butter alone or add jelly.

And voila! Kids lunch is served!

With some planning and creativity you can create your own in-room-dining menu that is easy, heathy, and cost-effective :-)

Happy travels!