Monday, September 23, 2019

Team Momma in the Hizzie ! !

Don't mind the low pixelation and fire coming out of my nose. This is a low quality SnapChat photo.

I never truly understood (and embodied) the sports-family-mentality until today. Tonight, I was “all in” mentally, emotionally, and physically. I wasn’t counting the minutes, on my phone, getting bored, but was in full engagement mode and only multi tasked where it made sense. I even PLANNED and executed to a T ! Whuutt! I planned an early dinner at home because we were out from 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. What I am most proud of is that I was fully present to support Coach Handsome Daddy in his coaching preparation, before, during, and after!

The Coach Handsome Daddy with our lil mastah prince! FYI: That Orange Aloha Cooler bag has hella food in there: mixed unsalted nuts, apples, bananas, cheetos, other junky chips, & ice cold water in good containers.

I made sure we had comfy tailgating chairs because we were greeted with no freakin seats in sporting activity #1. Phew! Sporting activity #2 had uncomfortable bench seats with no back support - no bueno. I also packed enough food and cold water enough to share. I felt absolutely vibrant being so prepared ! !

Here are our highlights of our first official day of training on and off the court !

With our theatre & volleyball princess! 

Say this with me:
Healthy and vibrant parents = Healthy and vibrant Kids
P. S.

I used to be a Girl’s Scout in the Philippines and all I remember is that a Scout is always prepared, is physical and smart, but mostly pleasant to be around. **And we DID NOT have to sell anything so I liked that a lot**

Have a Charmed and Blessed Week Friends!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Daddy Lessons: Triple B’s

If I could summarize the most important lesson my Earthly father taught me it would be this:

“Be 🐝Better 🐝Baby 🐝

My dad said and lived out these words until his very last day with us 8 months ago.

I remember whenever I would tell him about someone ruffling my feathers, he would sit back, smoke his cigar, and in a very brut, unapologetic, and frank manner would say, “Millie, you’re better than them. Stop acting like you’re not.

Then in another example, I’m pulling my hair out, stressed out, and overwhelmed and he says nonchalantly in an even tone as smooth as butter, “Millie, get your shit together and things will get better, darling.

"Being Better" was not for the sake of competition and making someone else lose; rather, it was for the sake of transcending all situations that made me feel less than, afraid, ashamed, rejected, dejected, looser-ish, frightened, alone, ugly, messy, etc.

What I loved the most about him was his uncanny ability to simultaneously engage my mind and heart in a way that only a loving father could. Happily, I find myself using these emotional and intellectual tools to troubleshoot myself and life situations I encounter. I'm finding more and more that this type of self awareness is not only rare, but it is also a game changer in finding and maintaining successes in the various arenas we have in life (relationships, business, health, finances, etc.)

For all of this, I am so grateful for all the lessons my Papa has gifted me. I will make sure to do the same ;-)

P.S. To Papa in case you are reading this in Heaven:

(I Love and miss you forever to infinity, Pa! And yes, I will always continue to strive to be better just like you taught us. I will also try not to get cross eyed and red when I get angry and will hold my temper to the best of my abilities. Lastly, I promise to stay off my high horse unless we are going into battle. Peace out!)

Have a charmed and blessed day!