Friday, June 14, 2013


The bad thing about a good thing, is at some point, it must end. I am specifically talking about our most recent family vacation at the Aulani because I'm feeling a very delayed reaction of"vacation withdrawals."

Another thing is that Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth for families, the Aulani is. There you can have equal parts of relaxation and stimulation. Whatever floats your boat, they have outstanding offerings for everyone in the family.

While we were there, we fell in a natural routine and rhythm. There was little stress and a lot of togetherness. We barely left the resort. (If I were Oprah, I'd send all my Facebook friends and their families there ;D lol)

The stone that I picked at the spa said for me to focus on my Dream.

Right now that dream would involve being a part time professional vacationer where I get paid to write, run, and travel with my family. A new place every couple of months! Ahh. That'd be the life for me :)

What's your dream?

Whatever it is, I hope you follow it. Even just a little bit ;D

I promise a more comprehensive vacation report soon-ish? Until then,

E Komo Mai!

" E komo mai. Nou ka hale."
This is a traditional Hawaiian greeting
welcoming you to,
"Come inside, the house is yours."


A Happy Friday Friends and An early Happy Father's Day to all the Fantastic Fathers out there!