Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Small world & friends part 2

Day 3:

We made breakfast, boiled some hot dogs, packed hot dog buns, made sandwiches, packed snacks, fruits, veggies, drinks, kid's gear, refereed arguments, applauded good behavior, and finally were off to the Magic Kingdom at around 10:30 am. We got to the park, took some pictures at the front, and had some snacks. We also met up with the Lim family and they hung out with us a good part of the day :)

The Stroller Brigade: Gerald with Gavin, Paul with Chloe & Lizzie, Christina with Ben, Jeremy with Sofia, Monica with Sebastian, Millie with Gigi (not pictured because I took it)

The daddies took the girls on their first ride while the mommies tended to sleeping boys in their strollers.

"No fast passes on kiddie rides?! That blows!"


Ice cream dreams

"Sugar please!"

Gigi came back from the ride face scrunched up saying "Sccaaaarrrryyy!!" Gerald told me that there was a part of the ride that was a bit fast, dark, & loud so Gigi a month shy of turning three, was a bit much for her. We went on the next ride and she was still freaked out. I had to hold her, soothe her, and reassure her that we were no longer going on any "scary" rides.

"Hold me!"

I don't need Disneyland. All I need is my daddy to make me happy :)
We separated from the pack for a bit, took Gigi to Small World and there she was finally able to shake off the "scaries." She said, "Only nice and beautiful rides like Small World please!!"

After that Gerald and I took Gigi & Gavin on the train 'round the park.

On the big choo-choo train
Then we met up with the brigade at Small World, took some family pics, and rode "the happy ride" a couple more times :)

the Lim family

the Siapno family
the DePerio family
Our tummies were grumbling and off we went to Goofy's Kitchen for a dinner buffet and to meet up with half of the Arbolario family :) We got there, checked in, and took more family pictures with Goofy =) ;D

Jared & Josey Arbolario

Gerald, Gigi, Millie, & Gavin

Monica, Sofia, Sebastian, & Jeremy

Paul, Chloe, & Christina (Ben & Lizzie napping in the stroller)
I don't know if it was hunger but dinner to me was awesome! Yummmeeeyyy! No pics of food because we were eating, gabbing, feeding, and watching the kiddies. The great thing about Goofey's kitchen are the Disney characters that come to your table, say hello, sign autograph books, and take pictures with you! With tax & gratuity an adult dinner was $45 each and children 3 years and up were $18 each. Definitely worth it if you like to take pictures like we do :)

Mommy, my head is nearly as big as Peter Pan's! ;D

Gavinder sandwich

Chloe & Jared with Chip or Dale but the mommies prefer Chipendales ;D

The kiddie table

With the cook!

Jared & Pluto :)

Gigi & Peter Pan

Gavin to Snow White: "Are you a Vampire or what?!"

"I prefer werewolves actually"

Gigi, "I like the cold ones like mommy."
"We like everyone, even the guys with hooks ;D"

We hugged, parted ways with the Lims and Arbolarios, and walked off our full bellies where at the hotel we bathed the kiddies, bathed ourselves, and conked out :)


*Phew* Not only is going on vacation fun & exhausting... Blogging about it is too ;D! I promise next part will be the finale.


  1. The character dining was definitely worth it. We also did the breakfast with Mickey at PCF Grill at Paradise Peir hotel.


  2. What fun! Especially since you got to go with your close friends! I love the pic of Gigi in her Belle costume! :)

  3. At Mardi: Thanks for the PCF Grill recommendation. We've never been and will be on the to-do for next time :)

    At Corinne: Girl, it sure was!!! I just about died when we met Belle. The woman was an absolute doll and spent so much time with us she held up the line ;D Will share more about this in the final part of this entry :)

  4. Awesome post Mill!

    Sorry we missed it, but I heard you all had a great time!

  5. @ Jay: Thank you!!! :)=)

    We had a great time ;D Thanks for letting us borrow Josey twice in one week! It was sooo nice to see you all the week prior :D